Save water for New Generation !

Innovative solution for roof gardens, farms, nursery farming, landscaping.

Much better plant growth, 50% water saving, environment friendly.

100% natural minerals and rocks.

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Gravel Fix

Image landscape solution !

Ideal solution for ground and soil stabilization.

Very flexible and materialize any shape design for creative landscaping

100% pure Polypropylene UV treated

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Aluminum Edge

Separate, Curve and Serve !

Light weight separator, easy to bind and curve, used to draw any shape on ground or on roof. 

Easy to use  

99.5% pure Aluminum

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Grass Fix

A versatile yet strong method to reinforce your green areas !

Paths, drive ways, parking lots and lot more applications are getting green and safe

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Concrete Grass

Landscape sustainable solution !

Pathways and parking areas can now be concrete and green.




B-Edge Smart

Safe and flexible - eco friendly

Non toxic materials. The rounded top prevents any injuries commonly experienced with metal or thin plastic products

Stone Box

Easy to build walls 

Flexible and easy to build, good looking, ideal  solution for sound proofing, erosion controlling, landscaping, retaining wall, and decoration

Parking Marker

Parkings and driveways using BERA Gravel Fix® Pro gravel stabilisation can be organised by the use of BERA professional markers. They are made of polypropylene and available with or without reflection. Easy to install without any special tools.

Natural Stone

Natural Stones

White Dolomite, White Karara, Grey Dolomite, Black Dolomite. Crystals 

Local and imported, different sizes are available

Gravel Fix Step

Dry & Non-Slip

Ensure dry feet , No algae found on traditional stepping stones, Seedlings cannot sprout due to the anti-weed geotextile base. 

Patio Base Panel

Reduce Heavy weight sub-base sand with light sheets

Fast to apply, less excavation work, simple to shape, stable and permeable


Raised Floor

Innovative flooring solutions for different applications

Easy to install, remove and replace. Flexible to adjust elevation, adjustable heights.

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