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Gravel Fix Pro

Ideal solution for ground and soil stabilization.

Very flexible and materialize any shape design for creative landscaping.

100% pure Polypropylene UV treated

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Gravel Fix Step

Dry & Non-Slip

Ensure dry feet , No algae found on traditional stepping stones, Seedlings cannot sprout due to the anti-weed geotextile base. 


Parking Marker

Parkings and driveways using BERA Gravel Fix® Pro gravel stabilisation can be organised by the use of BERA professional markers. They are made of polypropylene and available with or without reflection. Easy to install without any special tools.

Grass Fix eco.jpg

Grass Fix Eco+

A versatile yet strong method to reinforce your green areas !

Paths, drive ways, parking lots and lot more applications are getting green and safe...

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Equest Fix Application (2).jpg

Equest Fix

A strong method to reinforce your equestrian zones.

It is a unique ‘circular’ product to be implemented in the stabilization of areas such as paddocks and equestrian yards. It prevents compacting of the sub-base causing stagnant water and will keep the surface even and stable to ride.

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