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Raised Floor

Innovative flooring solutions for different applications

Easy to install, remove and replace. Flexible to adjust elevation, adjustable heights.

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Terrace Floor

Elevated Outdoor Terrace System

Innovative and Recyclable Terrace Floor System designed to become the ‘double’ elevated floor, to allow for laying any size, shape or pattern of (ceramic) tiles or pavers.

Gravels Terrazzo.bmp

Gravels Terrazzo

Stable Base for paving

Solvent-free system based on Special Epoxy solvent free resin, for decorative application over concrete surfaces 6-12 mm thickness.
AVILA STONE GRAVELS TERRAZZO is ready formulated for use on site. It is distinguished by a very good workability. The system exhibits good mechanical strength and is resistant against a variety of commonly used chemicals. By using top layer of polyaspartic clear system, the system will resist U.V.

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